Special PVC profiles made by the manufacturer

The special translucent elements determine the nature and character of the exterior façade of a building to a great extent and play a large role in the interior, since they allow the light to enter a room in an innovative way.

SDW provides a full range of services for the production, sale and installation of non-standard composite frames, including translucent roof constructions – from measurement and construction to delivery and installation.


The first thing you need to do is to ask for an expert. SDW specialists will identify your needs and requirements, answer all your questions and choose the best design for your project, taking into account all your preferences for the texture, profile, finishing, color and accessories.


The measurement of the door and window openings is a process that cannot be neglected, since it assures their correct assembly and it is even more important in the production of non-standard doors and windows frames. Professional measurement of PVC doors and windows guarantees the reliability and functionality of the products.
The SDW experts will not only make accurate measurements of the openings for the translucent covers; they will design them, taking into account the design and functionality of the end product (as far as the type and style of the opening are concerned) and they will propose you the best profile system, the materials and components.

Free advice and measurement


SDW has a special equipment, technical capabilities, knowledge and most of all an experienced personnel, specialized in the field of non- standard doors and windows frames. We use only certified materials and high quality components from the best producers in the field of PVC production, among which the profiles,the glass and the components.
Furthermore, quality of each end product is controlled at all stages of production.


Translucent constructions are very fragile, therefore they should be transported with great care. In order to prevent damage to the goods and to protect them from dirt, a protective film is attached before loading. The end products of SDW are transported with specially equipped vehicles.
Delivery options:

• SDW private vehicles
• Pick-up at the SDW production site
• Freight forwarding company of your choice

Installation & Assembly

Proper installation of special PVC doors and windows is key for their full functionality. The impecable assembly determines their resilience and useability.
Together with the installation and assembly of the windows and doors, our experienced team performs all other necessary tasks, such as sealing.
With SDW, you can order robust and well- designed doors and windows from PVC profile, which, apart from the aesthetics, offer thermal and sound insulation, as well as air and water sealing.