Company profile of SDW Production, sale and installation of special PVC doors and windows


SDW - aesthetics and functionality

The name of the company, SDW, is an abbreviation for “Special Design Windows”, so the term completely describes our field of expertise. Since 2004 we operate in the Greek market of synthetic constructions, where our products have established their own distinct position. In fact, since 2010, we have significantly increased our exports and we are present in the markets of Cyprus, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania and Skopje (FYROM).

The increasing popularity of the special doors and windows can be easily explained. Only original windows or doors can completely transform a house from the outside as well as from the inside. SDW’s special and geometrically complex constructions, with their unique aesthetics, give an exquisite identity to every building and room, both indoors and outdoors.


SDW - Special constructions of PVC profiles with the signature of NTZAVACHIDIS

SDW has its own production unit consisting of a special equipment of bending machines and is able to manufacture for you non-standard doors and windows made of plastic. During this process, high quality PVC profiles are bent using specialized technology, in order to obtain the desired shape.

Not all manufacturers of synthetic window frames are engaged in the manufacture of non-standard PVC products.

SDW produces a wide range of special PVC constructions: arched, round, square, hexagonal, triangular, polygonal, oval, trapezoidal and all kinds of complex structures.

SDW has a lot of experience in the construction and installation of special elements, it also cooperates with many Greek and European manufacturers of doors and windows and offers the possibility of manufacturing PVC constructions with more complex architectural forms.

SDW specializes in the bending of PVC profiles, mainly of the circular and arched frames.

We offer quality bending services of the main components, additional profiles and all kinds of of arched frames. Assembly and installation services of arched doors and windows are also provided by SDW.

We work with the following manufacturers of window and door profiles:


Special SDW constructions - they justify the trust of all customers and partners!

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